Credit Card Debt After The Holidays?

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The holidays are now over, but many people find themselves in debt. In fact, according to CNBC News, “Americans have racked up $1 trillion in credit card debt that can take years to pay off.” Impulse spending, over indulging, and last minute gifts were put on your credit cards and left you knee deep in debt. At Mid America Debt Relief, we specialize in credit card debt and have helped thousands of clients get back on financial track. Keep reading more details below to find out how to alleviate your credit card debt.

I’ve Charged My Holiday Purchases, Now I’m In Debt!

If you’re not careful, credit card debt can leave you with payments you can’t afford, higher interest, and worse, in collections. Negotiating with your card provider on your own may not be easy or help you come up with an actionable debt solution, but Mid America Debt Relief has over 15+ years of experience in debt relief, specializing in credit cards. We understand how creditors work and how they can make you feel backed in a corner financially.

Credit Card Debt Relief:

Get rid of high interest credit card debt and the money you owe by choosing from the following four debt relief programs:

  • Debt Management
  • Debt Validation
  • Debt Settlement
  • Consolidation Loan

There is no one size fits all solution for debt. Each clients has a unique financial situation that requires personalized debt relief.

You can trust Mid America Debt Relief to work aggressively on your behalf. With knowledge of how the three major credit bureaus work and experience working with almost every creditor, we work to aggressively reduce or eliminate your debt. You won’t have to navigate the rough waters on your own with the help of a debt relief expert.

Contact us at Mid America Debt Relief for a reliable solution. Get an initial FREE 55-minute consultation to discuss reducing what you owe today!