Debt Assistance

For Debt Relief, call: (636) 223-5900

Are you drowning in debt?  If so, your lifeline is here.

• Quit making only minimum payments

• Stop the constant worry 

• Avoid bankruptcy

• Prevent garnishment of wages

With this program you will ­get out of unsecured debt, like: Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Private Student Loans and Business Debt. There is hope. You can liberate yourself from heavy debt and its financial toll.

The Debt Assistance program can eliminate your debt in 6-12 months, so you can live the way you want.

It doesn’t matter what your current debt and payment situation is, with Debt Assistance you can get signed up right away.

Here’s an example: If you owe $50,000 in debt, you can pay only $20,000 That’s only 40% of what you owe, and your monthly payments are reduced too.

Having overwhelming bills can be a thing of the past, and you’ll have up to 36 months to pay off your reduced amount.

Even with 3 years to pay it off, the debt relief process itself only takes an average of 6-12 months with Debt Assistance. Plus, there are NO tax concerns like the other options.

If you are interested in getting out of debt and finding financial freedom, this is what you’ve been looking for. Fill out your info on the right and claim your time to discuss the particulars with us.

If you are burdened with a lot of debt, and need someone to help navigate the rough waters, or just need reliable advice about your situation, then please reach out now for some help. It will set you on the road to financial freedom, today.

The best time to overcome your debt is now before it overwhelms you. You can lower your payments and save up to half or more of what you owe. When you have over $15,000 in debt, finding relief is a whole lot simpler with Debt Assistance.