FAQs About Our Debt Programs

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Debt is a scary and complicated burden to live with. Like all burdens, searching for solutions is the best way to cope with it. Along with that, debt relief programs can be very confusing. Whether you’re looking to get rid of credit card debt or several different loans, we at Mid America Debt Relief are here to help eliminate the questions and debt for you. Here are the most frequently asked questions about our programs:

How Do The Programs Work?

We have several different services in place to take your debt in the right direction:

Since every person is different, there is not a “one path fits all” solution. With that in mind, during the initial consultation, together, we will determine which path is the right one for you by going over each plan and creating an effective solution to your debt.

How long do your programs take to complete?

Our programs vary from person to person, so the length depends. It will depend on funds allocated toward a particular program and the type of plan you select. In addition to any factors disclosed during the consultation. Most programs can be completed within 24-48 months.

Is there a qualification for your programs?

At Mid America Debt Relief, most of our programs do not have any qualifications. However, if you are looking for a consolidation loan, there could be prerequisites. Searching for an alternative route could an option, but consolidation might be the best decision. Through consultation and by completing our Freedom Form, we will be able to determine if you qualify for a loan. And the best part about that is, it will cost you nothing.

How will your programs affect my credit?

The short answer: it depends. The long answer: The type of program selected will determine the effect on your credit. In most cases, your credit score is already affected by the amount of debt currently accrued. As each situation is different, it is difficult to determine how it will affect your credit, without consultation.

Mid America Debt Relief is here to help answer your questions and get you debt-free. Our programs are tailored to suit your situation. To learn more about Mid America Debt Relief, check us out here! For a free consultation or to follow up with any further questions, please feel free to contact us! Our professionals are ready to help you get out of debt fast and safely!