Financially Surviving COVID-19

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Times are tough, but we’re all in this together. Here are some tips on how to survive this pandemic financially.

How COVID-19 is Affecting St. Louis

A majority of businesses are telling their employees to either work from home or are temporarily letting them go. Regardless, the pandemic is financially affecting people and families everywhere. So, what do we do about our financial responsibilities?

Credit Cards

Credit card bills can bring stress with or without a pandemic going on, especially if you’re dealing with debt.  There are credit card companies that recognize how COVID-19 might affect their customers.

As of today, lenders are urging their credit cardholders to contact them to discuss how COVID-19 is affecting them, their bills, and their debt. If you feel financially vulnerable and have a line of credit with one of these cards, contact them immediately.

We know how scary this time might feel to many people. Not only is this virus attacking our health but changing our way of life entirely. If you have debt, lost your job, or been financially affected by COVID-19 in any other way, we want to help.

Bill of Mid America wants to help bring you some relief. He is offering a free phone consultation to help create a plan to make sure you are taken care of during this crisis.

For more information on how to financially survive this trying time, or learn more about his debt consolidation services, contact at Bill directly at (636) 223-5900 or

You don’t have to struggle through this time alone. We here for the community and to help you see this through to the end. We are also discounting our services right now, as well.