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Our team at Mid America Debt Relief wants to ensure no one suffers from debt. Debt can be a scary thing and difficult to navigate at times. We want to find the most beneficial way to get you living the way you want to as quickly and painlessly as possible. Debt comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. We’ve created a guide of the most popular types of debt and the services we offer that can help.

Credit Card Debt

This is probably the most common form of debt. Credit cards can be a wonderful thing, as long as they are taken care of properly. It is so easy to purchase stuff on, and often you get rewards in return. When you have a high amount of credit unlocked, sometimes it can become more tempting. The money is present through the credit card, but you must remember you have to pay it back eventually. Also, natural things can happen that increase credit card rates without you touching the. A common trend we see is when interest rates increase, and credit cards tend to follow. Don’t fall victim to your credit debt and let us help.

Personal Loans

Personal loans consist of borrowed money from financial institutes like banks, credit unions, etc. These loans are used for a variety of things, but the most common are business start-ups, weddings, and financing a car. The reason people apply for these loans is oftentimes you receive your money quicker than other options. Personal loans are like credit cards, they can be helpful, but payments should come on time.

Private Student Loans

Student loans can be a blessing and a curse. The purpose of student loans is to assist college students who may not have enough funding for their education. They are typically taken out in the form of a personal loan. Most of the time, student loans require signatures from both the student and their parent. Often students don’t have enough credit to qualify for a loan, so they base it off the parent’s credit. As a reminder, student loans are not the same as federal student loans. We do not handle federal student loans, so if you have any issues, check out this link here.


Collection companies are very different from any of those we listed above. Collection companies purchase your debt from the original institute you borrowed your money from. They can often find debt at doctor’s offices, hospitals, and credit card companies. Collections can be challenging to handle on your own due to their constant harassment and calls. If you are continually dealing with collections and need support, we can help.

Our Services

We can help you break free from your debt and live the life you want without hassle or harassment. We offer four primary debt relief services but are always able to find other ways to assist you. Debt is different for everyone, so just remember if one thing doesn’t work for you, we will find something that will. It is not a one-shoe-fits-all situation. Some of the services we offer include debt consolidation, debt management, debt settlement, and debt validation. To learn more about each service, visit us online here.

If you are struggling in debt and need assistance, we can help. We offer all of our customers a free 55-minute debt consultation to see what’s going on. Our team has seen the ins and outs of how credit works and what they do to get to you. We want to help! For more information, visit us online here or call us at (636) 223-5900 for your free consultation today! Get debt relief today with Mid America!