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At first glance, the task of a “no spend month” may seem daunting. However, following through with one can provide a financial “detox” that will be beneficial in any situation where debt relief is needed.

Even if you are not needing to pay off any debt, a “no spend month” can help you save up for a much-needed vacation, a down payment on a new apartment, or for that bathroom renovation you’ve been dreaming of.

Still, feeling hesitant about accepting the challenge? Read through this simple set of strategies, and you will see that it is doable. The financial reset you need is within arms reach. You got this!

First, it’s important to understand the basic rules.

There are some purchases you’re allowed to make during a “no spend month.” Essential purchases like groceries, gas, bills, and even haircuts are allowed.

To determine your essential purchases, make a list and check it twice. Go through your list and determine if your essential purchases are all truly essential. Is drive through coffee every day truly an essential purchase, or could you make coffee at home for the month? You may also want to cancel that massage appointment for one month, or leave out the nonessential grocery purchases like chips and soda.

Second, figure out your “Why?”

It’s going to be a lot easier to say “no” to those compulsive buys if you have strong intentions to commit to this challenge. For instance, if your reason is that you want the money to buy a new car, think of that dream every time you get the urge to spend money on something nonessential.

If your goal is to pay off some debt, think about the feeling of financial freedom you will get once you have it paid off. That feeling of control and security will be a lot sweeter than the 2 minutes you would spend eating that nonessential candy bar from the gas station.

You may also consider thinking of a “money mantra” to motivate you. A money mantra is a phrase that resonates with you that you can reflect on when feeling the urge to spend money.

Here are some money mantras to get you started:

“I choose to live a rich and full life”

“I live in abundance”

“I am worthy of a rich and prosperous life”

“I am worthy of having the riches I desire”

“I am grateful for the money I have, and the money that’s on its way to me”


Next, commit!

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork for a successful “no spend September,” all you have to do is commit to the challenge.

Some great tactics for avoiding nonessential purchases are planning your meals and snacks ahead of time, avoiding strolls through stores, and focusing on personal goals that don’t require spending.

Instead of making plans to redecorate your living room this month, make it your goal to clean out the basement or sell some old clothes. These monthly tasks don’t require any extra spending, and may even help you make some extra cash.


If you slip up, don’t be too hard on yourself.

If you end up in a pinch, maybe you have to grab a snack before the gym or spend money on a gift for a friend, get right back on track the next day.

Don’t let one set-back stand in the way of your ultimate goal. Just forgive yourself, remind yourself of the financial freedom you desire or recite a “money mantra,” and then recommit!


Lastly, if the goal of a “no spend month” still seems impossible, start with 15 days.

Incorporating 15 “no spend days” into your month will help you save a little, and possibly show you that you are capable of doing it for a month.


Good luck!

Us here at Mid America Debt Relief wish you the best of luck in executing a “no spend month.” Remember that you are worthy of being financially secure, and you are doing this work for yourself and your future!

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