Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Follow These Tips To Help Get Your Life Back On Track After Credit Card Debt Consolidation

When you’ve turned to credit card debt consolidation in order to lower payments and escape the crushing weight of financial chaos, you’re ready to take whatever steps are necessary to get yourself in a better financial position. Unfortunately, many people find that they don’t know where to start! These five new habits will help you turn over a new spending leaf so that you’ll have a better financial outlook in the future.

  1. Make your credit cards less accessible. Some people choose to freeze their cards in ice to make it necessary to consider for a long while before making a purchase with them. Others simply choose not to carry them in their wallets. If your credit card isn’t accessible, it’s harder to make purchases with it–and that means that you have to think them through first.
  2. Stop making impulse purchases. The best sale in the world doesn’t actually save you money unless you were planning on spending it anyway. Impulse purchases can quickly destroy your budget and leave you struggling to make ends meet. Instead, if you see something you want, wait at least two days to purchase it. If you don’t think it’s worth the trip back for it, that item probably isn’t worth the purchase anyway.
  3. Create new stress relief habits. Many people choose to shop as a form of stress relief–and that’s hard on your wallet! Instead, find another form of stress relief. Meet up with a friend, go for a walk, or choose a form of exercise you love. Before you know it, you’ll find that you’re spending less time shopping–and your credit cards will thank you.
  4. Write out a budget you can live with. No one is going to stick to a budget that has no room for fun. Instead, create one that allows you a reasonable amount of money to spend as you like each month. You’ll be surprised by how much freer you feel when you know how much you can afford to spend!
  5. Have an accountability partner. Whether you and your spouse commit to monitoring your finances together or you’re working with a friend who will hold you accountable for your purchases, knowing that there’s someone who will notice your spending will make it easier to walk away from purchases you don’t really need.

Learning new spending habits can be a challenge, but they’re well worth the effort! If you’re ready for credit card debt consolidation, lower payments, and financial freedom, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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