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Can Your Debt Acually Be Collected?

Debt Validation, also known as Debt Resolution, refers to a consumer’s right to challenge a debt and/or receive written verification of a debt from a debt collector. The right to dispute the debt and receive validation are part of the consumer’s rights under the United States Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Upon disputing this debt, if the creditor cannot verify (validate) the debt, then they cannot collect on the debt.

Your case manager will request original financial documents for all debts belonging to a particular client. If there is no ownership evidence linking the debts to a particular client, then those debts are invalidated. Therefore, those debts are invalid, and the client is protected under debt collection laws. In addition, if the creditor harasses the client during the process (which is a clear violation of the FDCPA) during the process, your case manager will use this violation against the creditor to help completely eliminate your debt. Don’t be bullied.

Debt Validation has quickly become one of the leading ways in America to eliminate debt and the burden of financial stress. 

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